Earn Money with Hotlink Affiliation

HotLink.cc affiliate
Use HotLink to earn from your files.
Terms Affiliate Program:
– 60% of sales,
– 60% of rebills and renewals,
– Up to 15% of sales from your site (default 10%),
– 5% from sales of copies of your files,
– 5% from earnings your referrals.

– Terms file storage will be 50 days from the last download.
– Premium account doesn't affect to terms storage.
– Maybe increase terms file storage up to 100 days or unlimited, it is decided individually, by agreement with hotlink administration.
– Available upload from FTP, remote upload and upload from the browser, also possible to copy files.
– For files available function ‘Premium only'.

Features & Benefits:
– The ability to set maximum file size available for free download.
– The ability to activate all files in folder to Premium Only, it applies to any folders including the root.
– The ability to choose Premium configuration for selling access on your files. (2,3 or 4 options, of 11 possible)
– The ability to prohibit copying of your files by other users (contact support).
– The ability to rigidly bind your domain to link your file. (It is necessary add to the end of the link ?referer=yoursite.com).
– Additional opportunity insert video player streaming video on the pages of your site.

It is forbidden to upload illegal files.
Violations is punishable by ban.
Legal adult extreme allowed.

Payout on Webmoney, Bitcoin, Epayments.com, Paxum & Capitalist minimum amount to payout 10$

* Hotlink provides an additional opportunity insert video player streaming video on the pages of your site, but there are some limitations, generation Embed Сode is available only for video files format MP4.
For user will be available to view video previews, lasting 10-15 seconds. Then to him will be offered buy Premium access. All sales from the video players, score as well as sales of simple link to your files.

At the discretion of the webmaster, you can use simple links to files, or a combination of simple links and insert a video player, or use only the video player.